Panoramic Lens
Panoramic Lens for 1/3.2

Panoramic Lens for 1/3.2" Sensor CQ0801A

Full HD, Super Wide Angle, 8MP Lens
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Features of Products

    Full HD, Super Wide Angle, 8MP Lens

    230° Super Wide Angle

    The performance is more outstanding, color is more vivid


    Durable, no deformation, no fog

    Surface oxidation treatment, no rust, no dust

Specification of Products
Model NO.SensorResolutionElementFNo.EFLFOVTV DistortionTTLThread specification
CQ0801A 1/3.2"8M7G+IR20.9230°/230°/230°F-Theta:<3%23.6M12x0.5P product
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