Area Scan Lens
Fixed lens for 2/3

Fixed lens for 2/3" FA

High performace for 5 Mega piexl camera
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Features of Products

    nomo-focal for best image quality

    High performace for 5 Mega piexl camera

    Large aperture ratio for low illumination

    TV Free distortion less than 1%

    Focus range from 0.1M to Infinity

    Higher relative illuminate rate at corner

Specification of Products
Product NO.Image SizeResolutionEFLF/NO.HxVTV DistortionM.O.D specification
FA0802A2/3"5M8mm1.4~162/3":123x91,1/2":88x65.5<0.5%0.1m product
FA1202A2/3"5M12.5mm1.42/3":231.4x173,1/2":167.7x125.5<-0.2%0.1m product
FA1602A2/3"5M16mm1.4~162/3":170.4x127.6,1/2":123.7x92.7<0.2%0.1m product
FA2502A2/3"5M25mm1.4~162/3":108x82,1/2":79.4x59.4<0.2%0.1m product
FA3502A2/3"5M35mm1.4~162/3":81x60,1/2":43.6x32.7-0.20%0.2m product
FA5002A2/3"5M50mm1.42/3":124x92.9,1/2":67.6x50.7<0.2%0.3m product
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